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How to make a claim
It is a requirement of the policy condition that in the event of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim, you notify Insurers immediately and provide them with full information of the loss as soon as possible thereafter.

The “Golden Rule” to follow in the event of an occurrence which may give rise to a claim:- “Notify us immediately and act as if you are uninsured and as far as possible minimize the loss

What is a claim?
A claim is referred to as any event whose happening leads to property damage or loss. The insured or owner subsequently suffers financial loss. The event may also to legal liabilities that may lead to the establishment of negligence against the insured occasioning financial loss such a court award. The loss is payable under the policy only if arising from a perils named in the policy.
What to do
On the happening of an event that may lead to a claim the same is to be reported to the company as soon as possible. The intimation of the claim may be done using any of the avenues available namely: facsimile, letter, email, and telephone call, through the web or by personal visits. Claim notification is a policy condition precedent to admission of liability under the policy.
Do not admit liability
In spite of the pressure one may be under at the happening of an event: no admission of liability or promises should be made to settle the claim. However the scene of the accident or loss should be preserved, witnesses records taken, actions to reduce the loss employed and immediate notification made to the company.
Police report
Claims involving theft or motor accidents should be reported to the nearest police station. In all instances kindly note to have an abstract of the police records for onwards transmission to the company.
For settlement of loss several documents will be required including:

Other documents and details will be advised as the claim progresses.


1.    Take all details of the location and the cause of the accident and where possible take photos.
2.    If a third party is involved exchange your particulars and vehicle details.
3.    Never admit liability.
4.    In all cases of bodily injury, report to the police immediately.
5.    Remove the vehicle to a place of safety.
6.    Notify us of the accident as quickly as possible.
7.    Complete a Claim Form and send it to us.
8.    Send the vehicle to a garage approved by the insurance company.(Comprehensive Policies only) and send it to us.  Do not authorize repairs without prior approval of your insurers.
9.    Obtain police abstract report and send it to us as soon as possible.
10.    All third party claims must be reported to us.  Any correspondence received from third party or third party lawyers must be sent to us unanswered or unacknowledged.
11.    Driver’s detailed statements is required.
12.    Drivers copy of driving license is required


1.    Notify us immediately. For a big fire, we would like to visit the scene of the fire when still burning.
2.    Complete a claim form and send it to us or give us detailed statement of the fire.
3.    Assess the value of the claim and advise us as soon as possible.
4.    All correspondence and documentation for the claim should be channelled through us. 


1.    Notify police immediately.
2.    Notify us as soon as possible.
3.    Obtain police abstract and send it to us.
4.    Complete a claim form and submit it to us as soon as possible.
5.    Repair damaged doors or windows to avoid further losses.

* Report the incident to the police immediately and advise them of any suspect.
* Notify Swiftlife as soon as possible.
* Make an inventory of all the stolen items.
* Take immediate preventive measures to avoid further loss, e.g. repairing damaged doors, locks, grills, etc


1.    In case of burglary or theft notify police immediately.
2.    Notify us as soon as possible.
3.    Take immediate action to minimize the loss.
4.    Complete a claim form and send it to us as soon as possible.
5.    Prepare estimate of cost of repairs and send it to us.
6.    Provide supporting documents as far as possible to us.
7.    In case of any third party claim forward all the correspondence to us unanswered.
8.    In case of injury to domestic staff covered under the policy notify us immediately.
9.    In case of fire notify us immediately.
10.    Provide us with detailed statement of the cause of fire.


1.    Notify us immediately.
2.    Complete a claim form and send it to us as soon as possible.
3.    Provide supporting documents as far as possible to us.


1.    Advise us immediately.
2.    Complete a Claim Form and send it to us as soon as possible.
3.    Provide us with estimate of cost of repairs in all cases.
4.    Incase of theft advise police as soon as possible.
5.    Give us police abstract report.


1.    Notify police.
2.    Obtain police abstract.
3.    Advise us immediately.
4.    Complete claim form and ascertain the loss.
5.    Provide supporting documents as far as possible.
6.    Give us detailed statement.


1.    Advise us as soon as possible of the accident.
2.    Complete a Claim Form and forward it to us.
3.    Submit medical bills to us.
4.    Advise us date of resuming work.
5.    In case the sum assured is based on salary/earning advise us of the salary/earning immediately after the accident.
6.    Obtain Doctors report and send it to us.
7.    In case of death obtain death certificate.


1.    Complete 4 copies of form DOSH.

(a)    Send 2 copies to the doctor.
(b)    One copy to Labour officer.
(c)    One copy to us.

2.    Doctor will complete part 11 of the form and return to you.

(a)    One copy to Labour officer.
(b)    One copy to us.

3.    Labour office will complete form LD 180 and will make assessment and give the award.  When received send it to us immediately.
4.    Send all medical bills to us.


1.    Advise us immediately of any circumstances that are likely to give rise to a claim.
2.    Give us as much as possible the details of the incident.
3.    Complete a claim form and return it to us.
4.    All correspondence received from third party should be forwarded to us unanswered.
5.    Do not engage your own legal defence without consulting us.


1.    Advise us immediately you discover of any event which might give rise to a claim.
2.    Carry out thorough investigations.
3.    Advise police immediately.
4.    Withhold any money due to defrauding employee.
5.    Submit detailed claim form to us as soon as possible with all supporting documents.


1.    Advise us immediately of any occurrence which might give rise to a claim.
2.    Make detailed report of the accident.
3.    All correspondence received from the injured employee or his lawyer should be forwarded to us unanswered.


1.    Advise us of the loss immediately.
2.    Call loss adjuster immediately.
3.    Forward to us the following documents:-
(a)    Original certificate or cover note.
(b)    Original or non-negotiable Bill of lading.
(c)    Original invoice and packing specification.
(d)    Port documents.
(e)    Consignment notes.
(f)    Survey report.
(g)    Correspondence exchanged with third parties.

1. Your policy number and/or name of policy holder or any other details that will help Insurance Company process your claim e.g. registration marks in case of a motor vehicle
2. Date and time of accident/incident
3. Circumstances of the accident/incident or damage – a brief explanation of what actually happened
Estimated amount of loss – what you estimate may be the cost of the damage incurred as a result of the incident
However, do not delay reporting the claim to us if certain pieces of information are not readily available to you.

The claim is assigned to a claims handler who:-
• Registers the claim electronically into our system
• Determines whether liability attaches i.e. whether the claim is valid as per the provisions of the insurance policy
• Appoints a loss assessor in the event of a motor accident or a loss adjuster in the event of a significant property damage/loss.
• Determines on assessment of the claim the additional information and or documents required for processing of the claim.
Upon registration we will within a reasonable time acknowledge the claim and advice you of: -
• The claim number
• If required the name and details of the appointed loss assessor, investigator, loss adjuster or legal representative to represent you and us in case you have been sued.
• Any further information and/or documents we require to process your claim.
Upon notification you will be required to complete an accident report form. The various types of claims require different kinds of supporting documents.